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Pamela Weng: Reviews

I am often given CDs by fellow musicians, but rarely do they have the effect on me that a new CD by Pamela Weng and Friends, EarthTones II, did. My immediate reaction was how unpredictable the songs are. I think Pamela was very creative in her arrangements. She introduced instruments and voices throughout each song, so that by the time I had heard a few, I knew that I could just relax and expect the unexpected. I especially like how she developed and progressed with the kalimba in “African Amber” – it transported me home! I look forward to hearing Pamela’s future recording projects.


EarthTones II” is an inspiring easy listening album from a talented group of musicians in Pamela Weng and Friends. Weng and her thirteen friends hail from eight distinct cultures, each member bringing a unique interpretation of music to the project. Collectively, they are a musically sound group with a gratuitous amount of musical chemistry, and they take the listener all around the world with the sounds they create. Musically, Weng and friends are in touch with nature and quite literally create the tones of the earth in the most eclectic of ways. Weng’s vocals appear on a couple of tracks, “They Slice The Air – poem,” which has a sort of speakeasy feel, and “Garden of Stars,” which is a beautiful and inspiring vocal performance. “EarthTones II” is well-produced and does justice to the hard work and enormous amount of creativity that went into the album. “Crescent Moon” introduces the album with a slow alternation between the piano and Native American flute backed by slow waves created by successive taps on a cymbal. “Orion the Hunter” is a great jazz number introduced with a piano solo then turns into an all-out jam with shakers, drums, flute, and guitar. “Outback Ochre” and “Outback” both incorporate the didgeridoo to make the listener one with Australian nature. “EarthTones II” is a great easy listening album with a fascinating blend of cultures and musicians from all around the world. Fans of inspiring easy listening and great musical collaboration, this one is a must.

Congratulations on GrIndie Award

RadioIndy is proud to present Pamela Weng and Friends a GrIndie Award for their CD \"EarthTones II.\" A GrIndie Award is RadioIndy\'s stamp of approval that this CD is an excellent quality CD. Please join us in congratulating this artist on this accomplishment.
- Radio Indy (Sep 2, 2014)

Thanks so much for the Earthtones and Earthtones II CD's. We loved the incredible range of the arrangements, especially on Earthtones II! Every selection sets a different mood, and not only was your concert performance superb, so were those of your friends as well. You are incredibly talented - we haven't been this excited about an artist's music since we first heard Peter Kater!

Suzanne & Perry Ryon

Pamela Weng is a uniquely inspired artist. Her music is not only a beautiful arrangement of notes, but also a beautiful expression of the music that lives in our world and in our hearts.

Audience Member

Pamela's music is her vision of peace for the planet. Her musical portraits are so rich, you can truly feel the joy and even see the dolphins's really quite amazing!

Dee Galloway

If your heart has ever wondered about the music that is hidden in the world around us ~ the sound of true love, the lilt of nature, the song of peace ~ Pamela answers your heart's inquiry. She provides the harmony between life and our own hearts in her divinely inspired music, and it reminds the soul to be grateful for the wonders around us.

Karyn Stegeman

I don't know how Pamela Weng does it ~ Earthtones is simply better than any other music of this kind.

Tony Chen