“ I believe I came into this world knowing that music was a wonderful language I wanted to learn how to speak fluently…..I now call it my Native Tongue~”

My mission as a musician is to share this language of love with my listeners. I do that by creating sound portraits with a multi-cultural palette. I endeavor to take my audience on a journey of diversity and unity, discovering we all can hear with the same ear.  Music speaks to the heart of humanity.

I began playing the piano at age 4 and my life has been a musical journey ever since~

I hold a Masters degree in Humanities from the University of Colorado at Denver (1997), where I teach piano, music history and literature, music appreciation, and social and political implications of American music. I have operated Nuance Piano Studio, a private studio in Evergreen, Colorado since 1986, where I've shared my talents with many pianists over the years.

In creating my masters thesis, I combined my love for art with my love for music by recording and producing a CD of "sound paintings" entitled Earthtones (available through CD Baby). The recording also features the talents of acclaimed Colorado musicians Drew Morell, Ted Reece, Calvin Standing Bear and Larry Thompson.

I've joined my talents with a variety of artists throughout the Denver and Evergreen areas, most notably with Denver poets Dee Galloway and Dr. Bob Boyle. Together, we formed Lost in the Woods Records, and this rich collaboration has produced two CD recordings: Spirit Rising (2005), and Solace: A Journey on the Path of Grief (2004).

My latest CD, Earthtones II (available through CD Baby) was released in the Spring of 2008. This CD is truly an eclectic celebration of world music, featuring acclaimed poet Dee Galloway, Calvin Standing Bear on Native American flute, Larry Thompson on percussion, Daria Johanna on cello, Alex Komodore on guitar, Evan Orman on bandoneon, Ian Hutchison on bass, Michael Stanwood on vocals and digereedoo, Manuel Araujo on trumpet, Michael Reynolds on guitar, Rick Chinisci on mandolin.

 I'm currently working on Colorado Concertos which will be released sometime in 2017

 I'm also working as the music director at Unity on the Avenue, 4670 E. 17th Ave. Parkway, Denver CO 80220, so you can see me there most Sundays, services at 10am.