Earthtones (1997)

These lush "sound paintings" carry the listener on an imaginary journey across many landscapes. I've employed an eclectic mix of musical styles, from classical to jazz and world music.

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Earthtones II (2008)

These beautiful and intricate musical portraits paint a new texture, a new resonance, and a new spirit that touches the heart, mind, and spirit, reminding us that creativity, diversity, and connection to each other combine to offer us new hopes and new dreams.

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Spirit Rising (2005)

Poets Dr. Bob Boyle, Dee Galloway and I invoke the spirit of harmony and peace to embrace our planet and move humanity forward.

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Solace: A Journey on the Path of Grief (2004)

With the help of poets Dr. Bob Boyle and Dee Galloway, we reach out to those experiencing loss of any kind.

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